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For 1 hour, I did not move from my sofa. I had glued myself to TV watching - Building Airbus 380.

Wat a plane...And the efforts and brain they have put to make this machine !!
They wings come from a factory in Uk, Engine comes from a different place, and all this transported to a site in France (if I still remember it correct), over road and sea when they discovered that the largest cargo plane they had, was small for the wings of A380!!

(Starting an aircraft building company has become one of my dreams now...i will talk about my other dreams later!!)

But, what also amazed me was all that software that runs for intercommunication to be possible, with each country having a different set of protocols, and all planes flying in the sky without any mid air collisions!

On the humorous side, what if these guys had all planes but not a very robust communication system?? Would the planes have 2 large left and right indicators and a horn? Would the pilots honk when another plane would come in their way???

And if they were Indian pilots would they put their head out of the window and say - Side ge hogallai or Kannali yeno itidiya? or Nim thathandha skyiiiii ???????
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sd430, A610/620, S80, D200, DSC R1, DSC P150, DMC FX8, DMC-FZ20 ...........
sounds like some secret codes pronounced by FBI agents.

They are camera model names/numbers. Some of my team members are planning to buy an expensive digital camera and the conversation goes like ---- FZ30 is better than FZ20 but FX8 has better zoom but DSC bullshit has some bullshit feature and costs a lot less bullshit........... and the conversation goes on with some bullshit codes and ........

Why don't these manufacturers give a meaningful code/model name reflecting their brand image.
Let Canon use CA... Nikon use NI... SONY SO... Panasonic PA... for its entire ranges of products (and not just the cameras). Does this not sound a lot simpler?

Do they really take any pride and pleasure by confusing customers?


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Haven't found a mail client till now that meets all my requirements.

Had to send a document to couple of addresses. But everytime I compose a mail, I need to browse the directory to attach a file, and then they choke my system and network uploading it all over again and again. Why cannot they let me store the document in the server, give a name to it and just like I get an assist for the To list, give me assist for Attach docs, with the docs on the server????????

BCC hides the name to everyone, CC and TO does the opposite.
Why not RCC (Restricted CC), where in I include all mail address and the intended recipient sees only his name and not others and I have a template like Dear '' Hi '', and it automatically inserts the persons name from adress book or some way man!

Well I am not talking about MS Outlook or Lotus Notes, but want gmail or yahoo to behave smarter with smart ideas.

Or may be I will have to make one myself. Is it hard to make one ????
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In sanskrit it simply means 'What is your name?'.
Have been attending Sanskrit speaking classes for last 2 weeks,
conducted by

Its fun to learn Sanskrit and also brings back all the memories of school going time. Conducted in a school in GiriNagar (Next to Raghvendra Mutt), the course costs 500 Rs and includes course books. Sitting on those long short benches, repeating aloud together, is all fun, though at the end of 3 hours I have a back pain :o(

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A good article on .NET and general programming - The Do's and Don'ts .
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Boy1 to Girl : Hey Beautiful! What is the secret of your beauty?
Girl : Lux! Lux is the secret of my beauty!

Boy2 to Girl : Hey Sexy! What is the secret of your sex?
Girl : Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


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Hotel room in Germany
Originally uploaded by srvjith.

To me this looks like a real Architectural flaw!!! This is a hotel room in Germany.
How could anybody not bang their head to the roof ???

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Haha.. The name itself sounds funny to me....

Came across this Kannada movie n songs in udbhava.com


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It takes 1.5 hours to reach my work place in Whitefeild and 2 hours to reach home!!
Every human being working in Whitefeild or Electronic city start their day with a complaint and end with one. Was wondering if the roads are the only problem.

Or is it also the attitudes of these companies to have a campus in the outskirts of the city making our life even more challenging everyday ??????

It used to take a mere 15 min to reach my previous company near South End circle!! The building had all facilities, good lighting, a big pantry on the top floor, TT, coffee vending machine (though it was bought after some constant nagging by employees!)

All it missed was a HUGE LAWN, A BIG RECEPTION (and nice receptionist too :o( )

Here we have a huge lawn (never allowed to walk on it!), hardly go near it except when getting into and leaving campus. Never go near the Reception block!! Ample parking space around the building, without making use of any basement!!

But do we really need these facilities at the cost of traveling time. Isn't a good nice looking building with good infrastructure in the city sufficient??

Why Why should every second SW engineer hit the (Outer/Inner Ring)/Airport/Hosur road ???
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