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sd430, A610/620, S80, D200, DSC R1, DSC P150, DMC FX8, DMC-FZ20 ...........
sounds like some secret codes pronounced by FBI agents.

They are camera model names/numbers. Some of my team members are planning to buy an expensive digital camera and the conversation goes like ---- FZ30 is better than FZ20 but FX8 has better zoom but DSC bullshit has some bullshit feature and costs a lot less bullshit........... and the conversation goes on with some bullshit codes and ........

Why don't these manufacturers give a meaningful code/model name reflecting their brand image.
Let Canon use CA... Nikon use NI... SONY SO... Panasonic PA... for its entire ranges of products (and not just the cameras). Does this not sound a lot simpler?

Do they really take any pride and pleasure by confusing customers?
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