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The green lawn in the campus

It takes 1.5 hours to reach my work place in Whitefeild and 2 hours to reach home!!
Every human being working in Whitefeild or Electronic city start their day with a complaint and end with one. Was wondering if the roads are the only problem.

Or is it also the attitudes of these companies to have a campus in the outskirts of the city making our life even more challenging everyday ??????

It used to take a mere 15 min to reach my previous company near South End circle!! The building had all facilities, good lighting, a big pantry on the top floor, TT, coffee vending machine (though it was bought after some constant nagging by employees!)

All it missed was a HUGE LAWN, A BIG RECEPTION (and nice receptionist too :o( )

Here we have a huge lawn (never allowed to walk on it!), hardly go near it except when getting into and leaving campus. Never go near the Reception block!! Ample parking space around the building, without making use of any basement!!

But do we really need these facilities at the cost of traveling time. Isn't a good nice looking building with good infrastructure in the city sufficient??

Why Why should every second SW engineer hit the (Outer/Inner Ring)/Airport/Hosur road ???
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